A Trip to Aliso Viejo & Laguna Beach

by | Trifecta ~ Mind

This recent August I visited Aliso Viejo and Laguna Beach, California. I have visited different areas of the beautiful California coastline before, but never felt bonded to any particular place. On this past trip I really connected to the area I was in. My belief is that there are corners of our world that have energy fields around them, making a person feel a connection to that region. In some cases you might even pick up on a disconnection or uncomfortable feeling. Every part of the world holds waves of energy that have a lingering effect on us. Often times we may find ourselves returned from our trips feeling like “we need a vacation from a vacation”. That could be because of a connection we have to the place we visited. Perhaps we have been to that destination or a similar setting in a previous life (If you believe in former lives). In many instances, you may’ve felt compelled to revisit those places a few more times and even take up residency there. Even more magical, is that you perhaps arrived back home only to feel a sudden burst of inspiration to create something or change something that needed changing in your life for a while. So if you love soaking in mountainous range, sun, and live water, this is a city to place on your map.

The hotel choice  was, Renaissance Club Sport Aliso Viejo. Open to guests and members, it’s touted as the largest fitness center in the city of Aliso Viejo. At a giant 75,000 feet, with state-of-the-art equipment, high ceilings, and refreshing natural sunlight that pours into the two-story establishment, you’ll be motivated and free. Designated water stations throughout, have filtered water infused with fruit pieces, for flavor. Towels are available for sanitary use. The treadmill area was incredible. Views of the mountains from the tall windows are hypnotizing. Thirty minute runs or so on the treadmill could feel as if they take mere fifteen minutes.

Club Sport, has group fitness and personal trainers. There are sport amenities for the aquatic and ball enthusiast. Team sports for the group that is revving up for their next competition in cycling, etc. Then there is the program, “Transformations”. This is a guided and high intensity 28 class, over a cycle of eight weeks that changes every fragment of your body. Nutrition and weight counselors are on stand-by, the savory Citrus Grill is open, and there are activities for children to be a part of in while parents are in working out. Here at Club Sport, you are always greeted with an engaging smile by the staff and fellow gym-goers! Laguna Niguel/Laguna Beach is just a few miles from, Aliso Viejo. The clear clean air and comradery from visitors and locals adds to the city. The skies are blue as watercolor paint. It’s an unworldly experience.

Aliso and Woods Canyon Wilderness Park, by Laguna Niguel, gets your fit agenda off to a fantastic start. The elements can be a little harsh so just prep with sufficient rest, an early morning start, a light breakfast that includes fruit. Get hydrated and put your sunblock on. Mountains tower the trails on both sides. There are paved roads for those cycling and graveled footpaths for hikers, runners, and walkers. With the bushel and homes perched on top the mountain peaks it’s absolutely scenic. Others whiz by you with a friendly wave. The paths lead past the mountains and to a road with vast fluffy green weeds and trees. It goes on for days it seems like.

Moving on to Dana Point, between Aliso Viejo and Laguna Beach, Heritage Park has great views of the sea, greenery, mountains, and people. The weather is brisk for a great run through this hidden gem tucked between mountains and ocean. The traffic is somewhat heavy in these parts, but you forget that once you get into the zone.