The Barre Experience

by | Trifecta ~ Body

After over a year of gym routines, I was looking for a new experience. Wanting something to add to my current routine of jogging and lifting, I was starting to feel like I was going through the motions. I went on a trip to Laguna Beach in late summer of 2014. When I returned I was beginning to go through a self transformation. At the time though, I didn’t know that’s what it was. While at home, I put together a list of all the goals and aspirations I wanted to meet. I made sure I could make these goals happen within less than six months. One of the goals was Ballet. Having taken a few years of Ballet as a young girl I wanted to recapture that skill as a hobby, to build strength. When I typed Beginner’s Ballet in the search engine, Pure Barre  came up. That one click changed my life forever.

I enlisted a relative to have our first class. First, we had no idea what we were doing! Together we were clueless and the best part of it was that other Barre-beauties were so focused on “lifting, toning and burning” (A Pure Barre mantra) that there was no attention drawn to us. Second, I was fully convinced this was my next challenge. There weren’t any dance movements but rather the combination of ballet exercises and Pilates, morphed into tiny isometric movements that honed in on each muscle group. Yoga capped it off for deep stretching.

Within less than a month at four times a week I started seeing incredible results. Definition built up in my shoulders, triceps, biceps, shoulder blades, lower back, calves, backs of legs, and quadriceps. One of the harder muscle groups I was targeting was the quad area. Barre carved out that pronunciation. I’ve also developed high straight legs and full splits. This is a terrific class to take if you’re involved in sports. For dancers this really assists with better kicks and splits.

Did I mention this is a guy friendly workout? Yes, Pure Barre welcomes men. Honestly, during thigh work, at times I’ll humorously think if this should be an implemented military drill, because this is a no holds barred level of intensity (no pun intended).

More than Barre getting myself to the next level of my fit goals, I found a way to find zen and release stressors of the day. Entering the studio you instantly create a zone for yourself and the music selection is in sync with each repetition. Words of support and helping hand from the instructor, you safely but fiercely push yourself through it. What was life changing for me was I felt inspired by a vision I had for years. I took a leap of faith with family support. I was awake to my purpose in life. I created a business venture that is the website you’re on now.

The gain: A fast-paced, full impact, hour of weights, arm work, thigh work, seat work, abdominal work, and stretching. Do not be fooled by the small weights. They will feel like Barbells.

Price Range: Offers vary on your city and state. Single classes generally cost $22.00 and several packages are offered to suit needs, from new clients to weekly attendees.