Be Action in Our Love During a Crisis

by | Trifecta ~ Soul

Extending Ourselves

We each are made up of incredibly vast parts of the mind and psyche. Some of us are born with enormous love and show it fully, some are born with love and the ability to keep it under control, some are more detached from expressing it. We can all learn something from loving more.

When a life crisis comes into another’s life of a loved one, have we noticed how we react? It’s a beautiful observation and process if we really think about it. How we react holds so many layers as to why we behave as we do. We may respond with humor, tears, or distance. It’s worth diving in to get perspective because that’s where growth and change breathe.

My personal observation is that during a life crisis for others, we lose our own words. We don’t know exactly what to say or do for that person. We become entangled in a web of thoughts. “Will what I say or do be enough?”, we ask ourselves. “Is it going to be too much?” “Will I be crippling them if I say or do this act?” Will I offend them?” There could potentially be slight judgement that occurs as well, in some circumstances.

More Than Words (Be Action in Our Love During a Crisis)

In times of need, human interaction can chill us to the bone. We separate ourselves from outsiders because explaining or reliving what we are going through, is the last of things that we wish to do. As an “outsider” we can seize the moment to remind someone in need of their importance to the world, as a soul. We can bring them back to truth. A part of truth is that they own everything needed to ignite themselves. It’s not outside of us or in the world. It’s within our own selves. We forget that. We forget that we our own leader.

Be action in our love. Be more than words. Invite those in need for coffee or tea. Maybe take them to a simple lunch or have them over for dinner. We could offer them something that would lift their spirits to feel good about themselves. Try to keep our word to them if we have offered a favor that assists them in a great way in their life; or communicate to them why we’re unable to. We don’t have to go outside of our budgets to help.

Operate from a state of, building our souls with these 2 ways: 1) During a crisis, try to not stay consistently curled on the floor, pulling our hearts in a downward motion. Stand up and pull our hearts up. 2) Be more than words by being action in our love to those enduring a crisis.

~ M

*If you are coping with a crisis and need help at no cost, you can find support through some, Meetup groups, local churches/shelters, or hospitals, to name a few.