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Survive Shift the New Culture of Social Media and Terror

 The afternoon of the, Valentine’s Day tragedy at, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, many of us stepped in front of our televisions to see another school mass shooting unfold before our very eyes. Our hearts likely poured out into nothing. Bringing cold fingertips to my mouth, I stared hypnotically at ...
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Be Action in Our Love During a Crisis

Life crisis hit us. They come unexpectedly and barreling toward us. It can feel as if there were no compassion or gentleness for our hearts. When the events drop upon us, we spiral down to the floor and curl up, pulling our hearts into a literal downward motion. In a ...
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Whip Up The Simplest Frozen Chocolate Bananas

Valentine's Day is next week! Even though we aren't in need of a day to express our love to each other, it's still a special and fun time to give and share tokens of love to our beloveds. Here's a recipe not only for Valentine's Day but for any day ...
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Unveil the “Me Too” Movement

 I, *your name*, proclaim, “Me Too” as my position in the movement. “Me Too” has gained momentum around the globe. It is a statement, a duty, a responsibility. As much as it has been revered by millions, it has also been largely misunderstood by many. Those that may not understand ...
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Commit Your Mind, Body, and Soul in 2018

The year of 2017 was my one of my happiest and one of my hardest years. Not anyone or anything could have prepared me for the events that unfolded. You might be able to relate. Without having to share all the details of your year with anyone, many of us ...
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Time for These Delicious Cranberry Brie Bites

With all the Christmas and holiday gatherings 'tis the season for quick and delicious appetizers! Time for these delicious Cranberry Brie Bites to be made in no time. The crowd will go wild. Inspired by Sanctuary Kitchen's recipe, get light and flaky bites with cheesy brie goodness and a hint ...
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The Secret is There Are No Secrets – Manifestation

Over the course of a two year period, I noticed I was drifting away from my crystals, writing positive affirmations, burning cleansing incense and more. For a while I thought something was wrong with me in that I could be losing faith and trust in spiritual tools and manifestation. They ...
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Discover 8 Ways to Pamper Yourself

All month of November I brought eight ways to pamper yourself before the month of December and all things Christmas. Now get all eight tips in one blog post for not only the holidays but all year round and after. Pampering ourselves is not only products and decadence, but going ...
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Tastiest Peanut Butter Chocolate Blossom Cookies

For, Thanksgiving, I made Peanut Butter Chocolate Blossoms, or also known as, Peanut Butter Chocolate Blossom Cookies. After experimenting with a couple of recipes I found the best one and posted it here on this week's food blog! Inspired by, Land O' Lakes, you'll get the fluffiest and softest cookies, ...
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Greatest Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread!

This week coming up is, Thanksgiving! It's a beautiful time to truly exercise our gratitude from everything we are, to everything around us, and everything that created us. Some of the best foods come at the holidays. So in the spirit of all things delectable I made, "Christmas Tree Pull-Apart Bread" ...
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Workouts are Ageless and Faceless

 Recently I was teaching a class. Following the class, one of my students, whom was incredibly amazing in the workout, came over to say, “That was the best class but it’s more for someone who is younger. I’m too old.” My heart sank. Workouts are ageless and faceless. I told ...
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Homemade Mac and Cheese with Roasted Butternut

It's fall which means it's getting chilly outside and it calls for comfort foods! Print this homemade mac and cheese with, Roasted Butternut. It's all organic and tastes incredible!! Butternut Squash is a power food filled with fiber, potassium for bone health, and helps with a healthy nervous and immune system ...
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