Building Your Trifecta: Heal Your Body

An important part of living the Lotus Life is maintaining balance among the elements of your life. I think of these elements as a trifecta: mind ~ body ~ soul™. Our goal should be to have all three elements equally strong. Stress, trauma, disease, unhealthy habits – all of these can cause one or more of the trifecta elements to lose strength and throw our lives out of balance. To restore balance, we need to heal the weakened element and strengthen it to the same level as the other parts of the trifecta.

How do we do this for the body?

We keep our body in motion.

Most of us realize that one of the keys to a strong, healthy body is physical activity. When I started this Lotus Life portion of my journey, I had physical and emotional injuries that had my life completely out of balance. I had tried running as my primary form of exercise, which caused an injury that prevented me from running. Once I found yoga, it truly changed my life. It is the way I keep my body healthy and in motion and the way I achieve balance. You can find out more about the part yoga plays in my life by reading some of the posts listed below or by checking out the yoga section of my website.

The right physical activity for your body may not be the same as what’s right for me, for your best friend or for your partner. For me, yoga was, and still is a transforming experience. For you it may be walking, running or spinning. It doesn’t matter much what kind of physical activity we do to heal our bodies. It only matters that the activity challenges us and helps us push ourselves into something new and inspirational.

We fill our body with the highest energy possible.

The fuel we provide our body is what enables us to move through life successfully. Think of it as putting the best gasoline available into our cars. Cars run better and more efficiently with the best fuel in them. So do our bodies when we provide them with the right fuel. Eating healthful food can be easy and gratifying. And it doesn’t require as much self discipline as you might imagine. I have several posts in my blog that are categorized as Good Eats. There you’ll find easy, healthy recipes, suggestions and inspiration for filling your body with the highest energy possible.

We nurture and celebrate our body.

For many of my teen and early adult years, I struggled with body image issues. I never felt I could live up to society’s expectations for how I looked. Eventually, I even suffered with anorexia nervosa, keeping my weight under 90 pounds for more than a year. I am hopeful that sharing my story can help someone else prevent or recover from similar issues.

The key is respecting and celebrating our bodies for the unique and beautiful things they are. I am thankful that we are all different and that each of us contributes to the balance of nature in our own way. The most important message I can give you is that perfection is a myth. We cannot achieve it, so we should stop trying and celebrate our bodies for their inherent beauty and expression of nature’s boundless variety. There are many ways to celebrate and nurture our bodies for what they are. Perhaps one of my posts will inspire you to visit a spa or try a new beauty product that makes you feel as beautiful and lovely as you can be.

The following posts are in the category of Trifecta ~ Body. I hope they bring you inspiration and positive energy for healing your body and maintaining balance in your trifecta.

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