Key to Building my Trifecta

Yoga - Key to My TransformationI am excited you have chosen to share your practice with us! My discovery of yoga and the transformation it provided were key to my ability to build my trifecta of mind, body, soul. I hope you can find something in my journey to inspire your transformation as well.

In this section of my site, I have included pages that tell you more about me as an instructor, videos that may help you, and some testimonials from my students.

Keep in mind that this is a space for new and seasoned yogis! There are no requirements to attend any of my yoga classes. The only thing I ask is that you bring yourself to your mat and have a great time. If it’s your first class and you find it to be a challenge, please do not give up. You’ll find that the more you attend, the more you improve your form. Yoga is an art form, and you are a big part of the canvas. Always feel welcome to ask your instructor questions or contact me for help.

So, connect and heal through movements and methods of the body. Build your trifecta of mind, body, soul.