To explain the need for balance among all the elements of the Lotus Life, I have created the idea of the trifecta. The trifecta consists of our mind, body and soul. Each of these elements needs to be as close to equal in strength as possible for balance to exist in our lives. With balance, we find comfort and reduction in disease related to imbalance and disharmony.

How do we do this for the soul?

We keep our soul in motion.

Keeping our souls in motion is not easy. Fear and fatigue can cause even the most courageous among us to get stuck in an emotional and spiritual rut. It’s tempting to find someone to follow who will tell us what to do. We can blame them when things don’t go our way. Keeping our souls in motion means becoming our own leaders. We find inspiration in stories like those on this website. The stories guide us in making our own decisions and becoming leaders in our lives, in our families’ lives and in our communities.

We fill our soul with the highest energy possible.

Like our minds, our souls need positive, inspirational energy to keep them healthy. There are many negative forces in the world that work against us in our effort to maintain mental and emotional balance. Filling our heads, hearts and souls with generosity and gratitude makes it harder for the negativity to get in. I’m hopeful that the stories of my challenges and opportunities to overcome negative energy can help you heal and calm your soul.

We find and build our personal voice.

What is a personal voice? It’s our essence – what we stand for and what makes us different from the crowd. Sometimes stress or traumatic events cause us to lose sight of our voice. Or maybe our gentle spirit prevents us from wanting to be different so we shy away from developing our own voice. By following the trifecta approach you can build and sustain a strong emotional “core muscle.” That emotional core muscle exists in the center of your soul and is the heart of your voice. It helps you stay balanced and healthy. By reading my stories and inspirational messages you can find the courage and strength to find and build your personal voice.

The following posts are in the category of Trifecta ~ Mind. I hope they bring you inspiration and positive energy for healing your mind and maintaining balance in your trifecta.

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