I have created the idea of the trifecta to describe the essence of balance that is a key component of the Lotus Life. The trifecta consists of the mind, body and soul. To attain maximum balance throughout our bodies and in our lives, we should have these three elements in balance or alignment. Ideally, no one element is stronger or weaker than another. When trauma or stress cause one or more of the elements to weaken, we need to focus on healing it to return our trifecta to balance.

How do we do this for the mind?

We keep our brain in motion.

One way we maintain mental health and strength is by keeping our brains in motion. This involves being curious about everything that surrounds us. Be observant. Notice anything that’s different, being mindful of what hasn’t changed. By staying present in the environment we’re in, we keep our minds ever active and engaged. You will notice that many of the posts listed at the bottom of this page provide suggestions and inspiration for keeping our minds open and active.

We fill our mind with the highest energy possible.

Keeping our minds filled with positive, inspirational energy is not always easy. There are many negative forces in the world that work against maintaining mental and emotional balance. When we fill our heads and hearts with generosity and gratitude, it’s harder for the negativity to get in. My journey has included many challenges and opportunities to overcome negative energy. I hope my  posts will help you heal your mind with positive inspiration.

We find high-quality sources of information and follow them.

It’s easy to find sources of information to fill our minds with energy. We don’t have to look hard to find a resource that supports our current point of view. Instead, I encourage each of you to find high-quality sources of information that challenge your current point of view. By opening ourselves to alternative opinions and theories, we keep our brains active and curious. We learn to accept others and their ideas as valuable and meaningful. We expand our world. Many of my posts will include ideas with which you may not agree. I hope you’ll read them with an open mind and heart. Follow me and some of the other sites I recommend in my posts. Heal your mind with information.

The following posts are in the category of Trifecta ~ Mind. I hope they bring you inspiration and positive energy for healing your mind and maintaining balance in your trifecta.

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