Can We Still See the Good in Humanity?

by | Trifecta ~ Soul

The images and stories in the news have always been ever concerning. Even times, unbearable. It has increased in the last several months. As we wake up to begin a new day or return home to close one, many of us retreat to televisions or devices. Whether we intend to read the latest stories in the news, or not, it still finds its way to our fragile eyes. Our eyes are glued to the ominous glow of the screen light. Our minds and hearts become shattered by all we take in. Can we still see the good in humanity?

Questioning Humanity

Our world advances with each passing minute. With these fascinating feats come both positive and negative forces. Unfortunately we are unable to have positive forces without the other. But we can overcome the darker energies. In a time when we are able to view everything unimaginable, it has the ability to reshape us. This happens through our minds, brains, ideas, and perspectives. 

Last month a story slipped into my news feed. Its video content fully debilitated my heart and faith in humanity. Sinking down into my chair I began questioning everything I’ve ever known about life, spirituality, and the goodness in humankind. I watched an innocent and promising young man severely cling and claw for his breath and life. I asked, “Where and how is there more good in the world?” Guilt swallowed me as I winced. Daring to ponder I questioned about immorality and unjust. Can we see the good in humanity when the world seems at its worst?

Can We Still See the Good in Humanity?

The answer is yes, we can still see the good in humanity. At our bleakest and most vulnerable moments, we want nothing less than to forgive or see the best. We want to feel the hurt and pain instead. It’s during that time that is perfect for exercising seeing the good in humankind. I could not suggest this to a mother that has lost her beloved child. Nor could I say it to family that has lost their family member to disease. What I may write with ease I could not suggest to another enduring deep sorrow and trauma.

I can say though, that seeing the best in others is an everyday effort. We are always tested in immeasurable ways. We can make the choice to believe in the good of another soul or not. When we’re prepared to make that decision it will come for us. Somewhere beauty and goodness lies within us all. Even if it’s a glimmer of it. 

At one time we all had a childhood. In our childhood life began to take winding turns. Some of us became  products of harsh environments. But before our environments shaped us, we pretended to be action heroes or queens. We have leapt off the bed tackling the invisible bad guys and dragons. We put on our plastic diamond earrings and twirled on our tip toes amongst the sun rays.  

Understanding and Closing

To understand the innocence some of us start out with as children helps to begin seeing the goodness in mankind. We each have begun our lives with hope. For traumatic reasons that hope may’ve been extinguished. When we look from this perspective it can shift our entire understanding of our fellow man. Building the power of soul starts with a small step – By having a different view than we’re used to.