Commit Your Mind, Body, and Soul in 2018

by | Trifecta ~ Soul

2017 was the bootcamp of our lives, or perhaps the bootcamp of all bootcamps we’ve had in our life. However way one views it, many suffered personal losses and traumatic occurrences.

The Year of 2017

2017 brought a reckoning of sorts. It was nothing to intentionally harm or scare us. Although it may have felt that way, I promise you it wasn’t. It was needed for the evolution of our souls and existence as human beings. The only time we truly grow and shed our dead skin is when we experience hardship. Otherwise, we are not growing which in turns leads to not being our best and highest selves.

We must learn from the choices we make that vibrates at lower levels so we can begin to make more healthy and successful choices that bring us to a higher vibration. When this happens we effect humanity, for every time each of us rise from the ashes into gold, we bring others with us. Isn’t that one of the best visions? All of us radiating in gold after our storms with the help of each other.

Commit Your Mind, Body, and Soul in 2018

On January 1 we might not open our eyes to the dawn of a new year and feel like a newborn in this sometimes harsh world. We will however, open our eyes to the dawn of a new year and feel grounded in the depths of our soul. We will sense we are stronger than we have ever been in our entire essence. We’ll feel that we have lived a thousand lives in this singular one. We will operate from our most real individuality. We will no longer rely on the veils that cover or hide truth from us healing our own selves or accomplishing what we need. We will turn to God and our intuition more for all the answers. We will stand defiant against our critics by letting them go immediately but having compassion for them as we do so. We will speak our truth with tact and without embarrassment or shame. We will protect ourselves and the space we live in anywhere and everywhere we go. We will drop expectations but hold the vision and accept the process.

We are coming into a new era across the globe where the veils will continue to fall so we can grow. As women we’ll rise up and through the ranks (metaphorically and realistically speaking) more than ever before. We will commit our mind, body and soul in 2018.  

To all my dear friends, Happy New Year and may you be blessed.