Depression – The Strong State of Mind

by | Trifecta ~ Mind

There are some that might know this about me and some might not. I have sprinkled words, heal depression, and heal anxiety, throughout my posts over the last couple of years. Throughout my life I have personally been challenged with both. I have not been very open about it but have given glimpses into it. Depression, is one of the many reasons I felt largely moved to begin my blog in 2015. We all have been faced with a form of depression for one reason or another and on one level or another. There isn’t any of us that hasn’t had to push through it. Now is the time to begin to understand and heal depression, more deeply, and past the surface.

Roots of Depression

There are multiple sources and studies that have brought us one step closer to fully understanding the state of, depression. Many statistics show that, depression, derives from a chemical imbalance to genetics. On the opposite end of the spectrum, there are studies that show it is not birthed out of chemical imbalance. I, am not a licensed physician or therapist. But, I am a person that has triumphed through, depression. I can offer what I have experienced, and the information I have come across that has helped.

For some, depression, seems to be a friend that has been with you from youth. It’s always around and becomes so familiar that you almost do not know the feeling of being without it. What I have found with this scenario, is that it becomes your second-skin. You don’t have the capacity to understand it, when being so young. Therefore, from very early on you rely on it and make friends back, with it. When you finally have moments where you find yourself blissful and free, you block happiness because you’re so close to your old friend, depression. That friend is all you have known.

For others, depression, has been a one time experience or an experience that crops up following traumatic events in a lifetime. For me, what this shows, is that depression is triggered by an occurrence that sends us inward instead of outward. We find comfort inward because it’s solitude. It’s not the pleasant type of comfort but the comfort of not dealing with the outside world. We can pull ourselves into a snug corner where it is simply quiet.

Many challenged with the ongoing bouts of, depression, are often times triggered by a mishap or a crisis. Bouts, can range from minor to major. Due to this, several  of us outside of the situation have difficulty understanding how it easily slithers up and why.

Depression is a Strong State of Mind

The depressive frame of mind has been widely stigmatized as being weakness. The stigma also remains, that the person enduring it is less than capable of certain tasks, versus a person who has not dealt with, depression, regularly. The opposite of that notion is actually true. Several, that have found themselves in the depressive, actually have a very strong mentality and intestinal fortitude. It is so much so, that one finds themselves overwhelmed and uncertain what to do with those virtues. These virtues are an intense amount of energy that one encases.

There are mass amounts of creativity that are also extremely prevalent in ones with, depression. This too, can cause the opposite effect of being productive. From a spiritual perspective, one can feel highly defeated without knowing which outlets to channel their creative bursts and ideas. If there are authority figures that dismiss or overlook these traits in a child, on an extreme scale, it can embed the idea that they have nothing to share with the world. A few examples of successful artists that have battled and overcome, depression, are, J.K. Rowling, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Anna Wintour.

Lastly, open hearts, are exceedingly common among individuals with, depression. Open hearts are the hearts that love intensely and blindly. This can seem fantastic, but these hearts see no limits when caring for others. They love passionately. It can lead to vulnerability and susceptibility with relationships that aren’t the best for them. They also tend to absorb almost everything around them. Imagine pounds of other people’s energy on your shoulders.

Healing with Depression

Depression, is unfortunately not a choice. But as a survivor, I can tell you that there are choices we can make to heal it. We can take those steps slowly and one by one. Patience is required, from those surrounding the individual with, depression. I do believe one can learn to cope and in some cases, even heal themselves. Do not fall into the ideas around you that you are unable to rise out of this. It isn’t easy but it’s possible. Below are a few daily steps you can try, to start:

1. When first waking up in the morning, say an immediate thank you, whether it’s in your mind or out loud. Saying it in your mind is just as effective. Repeat it as many times as you can until you feel the true sense of the word and everything it encompasses.

2. Take deep inhales and envision your entire body being filled and surrounded with clear and clean air. Let out an open mouth exhales. As you exhale, envision small particles of debris leaving your body and your home.

3. Remove everything from your mind. Use the strength you know you have, to push away every thought that tries to enter. Now, place one small task in the center of your mind. Concentrate on that task and the reward you would feel if you accomplished it.

4. Put your body in motion. This is not a breeze for some, but it’s imperative to get the healing process started. Do something that will brighten your day. Make a cup of coffee, pour a glass of your favorite smoothie, eat toast with a sprinkle of cinnamon, etc… It’s the very small things that help. Place your body in a state of physical movement.

5. Place your first step in motion for the task you focused on, earlier. Break the task down into parts and write it down. Check it off as you go through each step. You will find your first task is complete. You can go a step further and create your second duty of the day.

Closing Thoughts

I will share more on this subject with you, soon. I will post upcoming blogs, on how exercise has played, and continues to play, a leading role in my healing with depression. I will also share how finding my purpose in life has played a chief role in healing with depression. We continue to build strong minds and a healed trifecta by taking steps.

I encourage you to continue to follow what healthy path you are currently on in remedying your depression. This includes, speaking with a therapist, etc… The above information I have written can enhance your routine. If you do not have a routine in place just yet, this a great start to one. If you are need of speaking with a trusted professional or/and receiving immediate help, here are the following contact numbers:

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

National Hopeline Network: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

National Youth Crisis Hotline: 1-800-448-4663

*Contact information provided by Mental Help.