Discover 8 Ways to Pamper Yourself

by | Trifecta ~ Soul


Pamper Tip 1:

Choose a favorite pastime that was maybe a big part of your life when you were younger. Recently I reconnected with my dance roots by taking up ballet. Whether it’s to sharpen a skill set or discover a part you that you that was forgotten, dig deep and connect. The benefits are also stress relief, contentment, healing, peace, forgiveness, and one of my favorites: Lightbulb moments. You might get a burst of inspiration for a side business or resolution in your current business/career. You don’t have to join a class unless it fits your budget.

If you choose to start at home, get on YouTube or if you go out for a class, call around and compare prices before starting. Meetup, is also another forum to start up. You’re never too old or awkward. You’ll be surprised how welcomed you’ll be.

Pamper Tip 2:

Put together DIY Lavender Sachets. Lavender has been proven to have incredible calming components by calming the mind. What you’ll need:

  • Pick up miniature pouches at almost any arts and crafts store. Organza bags work but the bags with larger breathable holes are best.
  • Grab some ribbon/twine. Even though the pouches have a drawstring you’ll want to add an extra seal to hold the aromas in with the ribbon.
  • Lavender essential oil from any health food store or store that has a health section. Even a Mind + Body store may have them.
  • Dried Lavender buds that can be bought by the bulk because you can get more for your dollar. Some health food stores and floral shops didn’t have them so look online before going out. I found mine at HEB in Texas but try a spice store, etc…
  • Scissors, a small mixing bowl/spoon.


  • Pour buds into bowl (about half a pouch).
  • Add about 18 Lavender drops and thoroughly mix.
  • Fill pouches halfway and seal with drawstring then add ribbon to fasten.
  • Place in garments drawer, sock drawer, inside your pillow case on the underside of your pillow, your car, give as gifts…

To release more aromas from your bag, squeeze the pouch a few times and move the buds around. You can also try Sandlewood essential oil with dried Sage for a more masculine aroma.

Pamper Tip 3:

Take a yoga class. Yoga has become widely sought after and proven multiple times over to not only strengthen the body but more importantly, the mind. Having passed up the idea that it could be a “trending” workout, it’s been brought from the studios and into schools for children and onto the streets for the homeless. Yoga inspires mindfulness to yourself and others and is a movement, ‘from breath to movement’.

There are several variations of yoga that fits your needs. From the revved up Power Yoga to the gentle Restorative, you could never get bored. Also, yoga is not about being a contortionist so if you’ve never taken a class, know that you’ll be in the company of others that haven’t either or don’t bend and twist. But if you aspire to be bendy then yoga can help you get there.

Did you know many studios offer community classes? Check in with studios to see their offers. Some community classes are completely free of charge, accept donations, or have a $5 fee. These classes are usually taught once a week. At the holidays that’s a relief.

Pamper Tip 4:

Take a warm bubble bath. We rarely have the time or make the time to sit and relax for more than 15 minutes. Find the time, no matter what is going on around you, light candles/incense, dim the lights everywhere if you can, turn the devices down or off, and sink in. Think, aromatherapy, aromatherapy, aromatherapy. Try to get candles that have soothing aromas and bath bubbles or bath bombs that have the same. Make a cup of hot Chamomile tea. Take a warm washcloth with two drops of an essential oil of your choice and place at the base of your neck while you lie back. If you want some music go for calming sounds.

This is actually a form of meditating so clear your mind and take a positive thought or word and meditate on it. This is also a good energy cleanser. Soaking in warm baths cleanses you of all the mental and emotional debris. Keep the “space” around you clear.

Pamper Tip 5:

Did you know you can pamper your soul? Volunteering is one of THE best ways to feel good to the core of your soul. Last year I volunteered and taught senior yoga to some of my best students in St. Charles, Illinois. They attended every class and were the sweetest. One of my dreams of going into my new career field was being able to help the elderly through yoga. It was one of the most fulfilling and rewarding moments in my lifetime.

If you have a dream job you’d like to start or a cause near and dear to you, volunteering in the industry you’re interested in is one of the direct and quickest ways to start today. Interestingly, calling around to volunteer can be taxing because you might get loads of no’s at first (I did) but you will eventually get a yes or two or more. It’s worth every minute. If you’re not sure what cause is special to you, think about things that might be like standing against bullying in schools, homelessness, rescue animals, cancer patients, etc… Volunteering returns gratitude and purpose to your life.

Pamper Tip 6:

Take in the art around you – All the sights and sounds. Go by yourself or take a loved one. Visit the largest city near you, a museum or two, or a show. Have a coffee or stop for lunch at a local bistro. There are so many small eateries that are independently owned and have delicious foods. You can catch a show without spending a lot on tickets. Several small theaters around town put on some of the best plays or go for a Broadway style debut. There is art all around us in every way. Something new is being built or painted. Listen and look. Inhale the beauty, exhale the dullness.

Pamper Tip 7:

I truly love a good beauty product and one that goes a long way. Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is one of my favorite body creams. Powered with an intoxicating blend of Brazilian ingredients that tighten and soften your skin, you’ll glow and glitz through the season. It absorbs quickly and smells amazingly. It’s perfect for buttocks, arms, tummy and more. It’s free of parabens, sulfates phthalates, animal by-products, propylene glycol, synthetic colors! Put on after your shower bath. There’s two sizes 2.5 – $20; 8.1 – $45. Order online or find at, Sephora.

Pamper Tip 8:

FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF. Go beneath and below the surface and pull out every beautiful authentic part of what makes up your existence. What do you hide from others or the public..? What scares you the most to show in real time..? What do you see in others that you want to try or say..? What way do you wish to live your life to the fullest but think it’s absolute nuts to think that…?

The list of questions are endless and if you went deep enough you would fall in love with every part of who you are meant to be. Leave behind everything that you’ve ever carried with you that has kept you within a box and step into your power.