Finding Your Highest Value in Life

by | Trifecta ~ Soul

LifeA few months ago I went to a seminar for Dr. John Demartini for a discussion on finding your highest value in life. A month before that I had made a decision that put me on my path to serve my greater purpose in life. Dr. Demartini held an explosive event that night that helped to shape and guide my way on my newfound course.

Through Dr. Demartini’s teachings I have learned that there is not one human being on this Earth that does not hold the power to govern their own lives. If you feel you are in a circumstance where you know in your core being you belong to something greater than the level you are on, it’s because you do. Before your soul reached this plane there was a purpose for you on Earth. The closer you get to that purpose, the more you feel it in your depths that you are aligned with all that is meant to be for you. When you are living in shackles, albeit a relationship with a partner, a family member, a job, and even yourself, then you are not vibrating at your highest level. Seek out what is causing a feeling of imprisonment. When you operate from your lowest level, you will feel a force on your chest. The more you search and find the right answers for you, the more you will reach freedom and as if you’re floating on air.

I discovered I had chosen to live a multiple of roles throughout my life that no longer served me. I knew at that moment, I had a higher purpose. As I shed the layers of dead skin, I came closer to my true self. Under the layers you may have built that no longer have your peace in mind, you will find your true self. Your true calling. Your higher purpose.

Change mind, change body, evolve. Create your well-being.


Your values filter everything out. Your highest value inspires everything within. It’s a yearning. Your calling.

— Dr. John Demartini