Get to Gratitude in Under 5 Minutes

by | Trifecta: Mind~Body~Soul, Trifecta ~ Soul


During the bustle of the holidays get into a gratitude state in under five minutes with these tips. We have a million things our minds. Thanksgiving is a very specific day that our doors open and we come together around the table to share in the delicious foods and our hearts and laughter.

Many though, are not able to share this exact picturesque moment. On the this day, keep in mind all of those that are not as fortunate to have their loved ones around them and make Thanksgiving a part of your life every day.

5 Thanksgiving Tips ~ The Art of Gratitude

1. Each day you have to live.

Each day is an incredible blessing that we get to open our eyes, breathe the air, and be functional. We have an opportunity to make new choices and carry out our plans. We have resources disposed to us so that we can achieve what we need for our livelihood and anything else. We get to communicate with our loved ones and are able to grow endlessly.

2. Courage and strength to press on.

We have all woken up to find zero ability to go forward. It happens to everyone and to some a little more and deeper. But you have made it this far, and the way you did some of it was through courage and strength. That in and of itself is amazing. An ounce of courage is all it takes to open a conversation you are afraid to start, step foot in a place that no longer serves you but you must continue on for a bit longer, request a loan from your bank to start your new venture, and the list goes on. All of it, is because you chose to press on.

3. Your resources.

See the value and worth in your job. Every day is not a picture-perfect environment in the workplace. It’s nice in theory but nearly impossible. On the days when it seems everything has gone up in smoke, remember how much your career is providing for everything in your life, from something as small as the brush you use for your hair to your vehicle or money to pay for the subway, and the money for your children’s school lunch. So much is an extension of several branches and a complete ripple effect. Sometimes we forget about them in the rush of things.

4. Your faculties.

If you have vision, hearing, mobile limbs, and the ability to make major decisions then you are blessed beyond measure to have one or all of them. Envision a world where you could only see darkness or only hear silence. Everything you have you can use to improve your life in multiple ways. Use them all to fullest and max them out. See the beauty in everyone, listen to something that will shift your perspective for the better, do something crazy and start practicing handstands little by little each day, TAKE YOGA and improve the circulation in your legs!

5. Your Support System

Take a huge amount of stock in the support system around you. Some have family, some have friends, some of us have both, and so on. We all need ears to hear us and a shoulders to lean on. Whether things are going great or challenging, a support system helps hold us all together. Those, that lift us up and believe in us no matter what. It always feels right to go to them and be around them. They’re trustworthy and honest and that is at times, all we need to get by.

There are countless more reasons to give thanks but these are a few to help along the way. The more gratitude you put out, the more it will boomerang back to you. Build your trifecta, by brining gratitude back to your life and existence today and everyday. Wishing you a, Happy Thanksgiving.