How I Got Started

by | Trifecta ~ Body

Chevron Houston Marathon – full marathon. Giving me hope and determination, I followed in his footsteps.

Next step was getting into a routine of jogging. Being outdoors is really calming and therapeutic. There’s nothing like running in the elements. With ear buds in and my favorite playlist on or my ear buds out and listening to the trees swish, crickets chirp, and other runners’ tennis shoes hit the ground, it’s cathartic. Fortunate to kick my goals into high gear, I was able to apply for gym membership. With an exclusive price through my place of employment I signed for a package of training sessions with a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness. I strongly recommend checking with your employment for exercise benefit packages. Choosing a personal trainer was the best route for me at the time. It is not something everyone has to do. Each person has their own approach that works for them. I had long-term anxiety that had built up over a period of time that was embedded. I did not want attention drawn to me. Even stepping foot in the gym was a painstaking challenge.

The truth was meeting with my trainer for the first time was uncomfortable too. I hadn’t been in a gym in 10 plus years. My diet was not in good status, eating fast food almost daily, low water intake, refined sugar intake on a daily basis as well. I was fatigued; my mind was clouded and frazzled, amongst countless other side effects and ailments. Worried my trainer being male wouldn’t get me or my issues, that he wouldn’t take me seriously, I couldn’t have made more of a poor judgment call. We started out recording my measurements from the most important points on the body. Area being upper arm, abdomen, waist, and thigh. He was very optimistic of what I was needing to feel better and get better and he was honest, first informing me that the physiques of fitness models in the fit magazines are prepped for photo shoots and competitions and to not kill myself trying to reach that level just yet. Create my goals as I move along and set them accordingly, eventually accomplishing my ultimate vision, was his advice. We worked on building up a sweat. Which I hadn’t built up in a long time. You would think that’s something that’s easy but it sadly wasn’t, for me. I felt like a million dollars afterward. It was an amazing high and gave me peace.

After my first day I was in the worst physical pain. It was a grave challenge to step down from the curb without feeling my body would shatter. Climbing a staircase was totally out of the question. I had to drag myself up with my arms. The pain was so foreign I was worried. I researched it and what people think is a hurt ligament or muscle is actually not in some cases, such as mine. A friend suggested plenty of potassium and warm baths with Lavender bath salts, Epsom salt, or any scent that has calming agents. What I wasn’t aware of and told by my trainer, was that pressing through with gym routines as scheduled, following ample rest, actually is important to lubricate the joints, ligaments, and muscles that are inflamed. Another helpful tool is a foam roller. Rolling the tender spots over the foam in a slow motion quickly breaks up the tension. Painful but works like magic.

I was set to take off. Evolution in fitness and nutrition were being planted. Most of all, I finally felt more comfortable in my skin.