Keeping the Faith, When the Chips are Down

by | Trifecta: Mind~Body~Soul, Trifecta ~ Soul

There isn’t one being that doesn’t experience trauma on some level. Each and every one of us are working through an obstacle, as we speak. It’s a part of the life cycle that is unavoidable. When adversity comes knocking, how do you process yourself through it? Do you find yourself lashing out to those around you or do you feel that your legs are so heavy that you can’t manage to get out of bed? There are countless ways we find to cope. Some are good and some are destructive. This is when your faith in whatever you put your trust in comes into play.

Believe in a greater existence around you. When you were a child you probably would wish for things, close your eyes tightly, and repeat your wish over and over again. You would pour all your heart into your words. You didn’t know how much you were calling in on a higher power to step in and help you. You can still put all of your belief, like you did when you were younger, into getting the help you need now. The trick to keeping the faith is to believe in it when no one else does. Believe that your answer or resolution is just at the turn of the road. Know that every thought is being understood, every feeling is felt, and every word is heard. You won’t receive less than the next person. We’re all working on the same level.

Find a support system. It can be your best friend or a family member. Make sure it is a healthy consistent relationship and not anything that can be flighty. What’s better is if it’s someone that won’t bring you down more than you already feel. The person should be able to be honest but caring with you. You should feel soothed and not agitated. Often times a message that’s meant for you to hear will be said through the person you’re turning to. The message may be something you know deep down inside yourself. Hearing it aloud from another is confirmation from the universe that you’re on the right path or needing to head in a new direction. Pay extra attention to each word as they are clues.

When you wake up tell yourself that you are grateful for opening your eyes. Say that you will put every ounce of effort into productivity. Throughout the day repeat, repeat, repeat that you’re strong on all levels and can get through it. When your mind wanders, snap it back to the task at hand.

Lastly, if it is prayers, mantras, counting Mala Beads, or any practice you follow, count your every blessing. Do not count the blessings of others. The need for where you are in this very moment is necessary. The need for where someone else is in this very moment, is necessary  for them. You don’t want to be on someone else’s road. You’re not equipped for that. You are equipped for you.

Whether it’s not knowing how you’ll pay your next bill, hoping for a prominent company to call you to say that you’re hired, or stepping into the unknown from all that you have ever known, know that the chips will never stay down forever. Let them fall where they may. The light is just up ahead. You are being listened to. Your homework is to be faithful and trusting. The rest will come.