What I Wish I Knew About Manifestation

by | Trifecta ~ Soul

My First Eye Opener

A few weeks ago I spoke at length with a girlfriend about manifestation. We talked about the mystery and allure it holds, including the phrase, “IAM”.  I realized there were small nuggets of gold that I could give to her that took me a long time to come to know. 

This past December I blogged, “The Secret is There Are No Secrets – Manifestation”. At the time over the course of a two year period I was drifting away from my manifesting/affirming tools. Crystals, writing positive affirmations, burning cleansing incense, were just a few of the tools. For a while I thought something was wrong with me in that I could be losing faith and trust in these spiritual references. I didn’t resist it much though because my workload at the time was increasing and my attention was in fact being diverted away. There was little time to devote to a consistent practice with it all. One day it all came together and made sense, particularly when I received confirmation from a podcast. When attaining our goals or anything in life, the secret is there is no secret.

I have found the top most promising reinforcement is faith through prayer and good old fashioned hard work and grind. That being said, I have not and do not relinquish my tools for they’re a large part of my journey. I do however believe we can simplify our lives and our way of thinking when necessary. That is one of the many things of what I wish I knew about manifesting. 

Some Manifesting Uncovered 

Many years ago, before 2015, I was introduced to the book, “The Secret”. It was enchanting to me. When I found out about it at the time I thought, “This was unbelievable that I could manifest whatever my heart desired with just a few whips of the pen on paper?” At the time my understanding of this method was extremely clouded. 

The key to writing affirmations is to write positive sentences or phrases several times but then to let it go. There is definite power in writing our intentions repeatedly. But allowing Universe, Spirit, or God, to take control over them, brings us promise. Let them take your words and release them unto the stars. 

Much is taken into account by the higher powers when manifesting/affirming. These are highly powerful and creates waves when we let it. Here are a few things that are considered. We can also use this as an outline when writing our affirmations:

  • Is what I’m desiring, healthy for my current situation and future?
  • Will it be for my best good and true happiness?
  • Is what I’m desiring causing confusion and turmoil in my life? If so, is there something or someone I’m desiring that’s best to be left behind in order to make room for amazingness to enter in?
  • Am I putting a strict timeline on what I’m affirming or am I allowing Source/Universe to do their work on their timeline that they see is best for me?
  • What are my trust intentions behind what I’m hoping for? Always being in touch with the root of why we desire certain things is what makes the foundation of them either made of stone or sand. We would want to aspire for long-lasting results. Not results that crumble quickly.  Following our moral compass naturally brings the rewards we seek. 

What I Wish I Knew About Manifestation

I was not aware of the above major bullet points. I was asking for things I wanted but not needed which is why manifesting was not working for me in those years. Fast forward to 2015 I began learning the technique but was still not clear on a portion of it. Since then I have come to learn a great deal of the behind the scenes influences.

There is more information regarding the topics of both manifestation and affirmation. I will be doing a follow-up piece to further dissolve the myths or grayness surrounding them so we can get the most out of the work we’re putting in.

Exploring options outside of what we know can lead us to finding our greatest working zone in terms of what gives us absolute resolutions. It also leads us to living our most fulfilling lives.