Master This Healing Property of Yoga for Long-Term

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As a yoga student in training first, and a yoga teacher second, I can sincerely attest to the benefits that I experienced during my first two months of training and afterward. The results were astounding. Below you can master this healing property of yoga for long-term.

Skin Conditions

From around the age of 19 years old, I started having problem skin. Up until 19 my skin was clear then it became ravaged by tiny clusters of white bumps from the forehead to the cheeks, and chin. Some of the bumps I could feel underneath the surface which were even more exasperating. I have always had oily skin but began producing more as the bumps surfaced. In the last few years I began to get these bumps on the upper thigh area.

I believe that my cause of skin eruption was due to a culmination of things from sugar and yeast overload to the drastic heat in the area I lived in. After staggering research and doctor visits of a few years, that was the final conclusion I had gathered.

To remedy my condition, I tried every drugstore acne system and even, Proactive. Dermatologists, prescribed multiple washes and ointments. I went for second opinions. I was offered Accutane but decided to not go through with it. Peels and facials weren’t as effective as I hoped for. Vitamins and increasing my water intake didn’t help either.

Yoga Meets Skin

My first step into a yoga studio was the late summer of 2015. Shortly following that I went into the 200 Hour Registered Yoga Training. The program was extensive with one day off each week. That day off was dedicated to taking additional yoga classes if it worked with our schedules. Essentially we were taking classes close to every day of the week.

A month into training classes, I was showering and noticed that my skin on both my face and thigh area had miraculously become smooth. The bumps significantly disappeared. The appearance had a glow that I didn’t really have in my teens. The oiliness had dramatically decreased. I hadn’t changed much in my skincare routine. I feel that the consistent yoga classes that included hot yoga, flushed out several toxins from my body and gut. The gut is what holds several of our toxins. Since I knew sugar and yeast were dormant in my gut area, large amounts of sweat that was pouring out of my system each day were being expelled.

Although I had a consistent workout regimen for three to four years prior, I had never sweated out as much as I had in yoga and hot yoga as a part of my teacher training sessions. Then and only then did my skin take an extreme turn towards healing. Two years later, I can safely say that along with having a regular skincare routine of washes and creams/topicals, my acneic skin has stayed clear and smooth. I hold a dietary regimen to that, as well. With the occasional breakout now, I can usually get it under control fairly quickly.


Build Your Trifecta with Yoga

Yoga can prove to change not only your mind and body but more than a handful of other properties. I am an advocate for any movement you choose for your body. As long as your body is in motion, it is healing. I strongly recommend yoga as something you may want to try as it was the one of the few workouts that I thought could heal my entire body. When we learn something we know little of is when we are broadly surprised.

Yoga could be a plan you add to your current one, for one day a week. Many yoga studios offer the first week free or a bundle of the first set of classes at a discounted rate. It is worth your visit! If you have an existing skincare specialist or specialist for other needs, please have a discussion with them before beginning something new or removing products/approaches from your regime.