Mindful Being – Not Only About the Power of Positive Thinking

by | Trifecta ~ Mind

The year 2017 was brought on by a shift that slowly gained momentum in 2015. The shift has taken shape as a trend. Not all trends are bad or in poor taste. This particular shift is one of the most amazing and incredible waves of change. This shift is what I like to call, Mindful Being.

You may have heard of, Mindful Living. The definition of, Mindful Living, is inspiring in that it’s a state of mind in which we should try to stay in or come back to, each day. It’s an outlook of being present and not in the past or the future and remaining positive. Right here and right now is what holds the miracle, the moment, the lesson. But, Mindful Being, encompasses, Mindful Living, and beyond.

A New Phrase – Mindful Being

I was on a search engine looking for a phrase that embodies this shift I mentioned in the opening paragraph. I couldn’t find the words that truly describe it. There’s a plethora of wonderful verbiage but what came into my mind while I was searching was, Mindful Being.

Mindful Being, is what has been taking place since the dawn of time. In 2015 it began to take shape as a household understanding and practice. It became mainstream. Decades before this, there were small centers across the globe that offered services on healing and building ourselves and souls from the inside, out. Local shops were opened and dedicated to this way of life by selling books and tools that could helps us keep our mind and the space around us clear so we could lead more mindful lives. My family loved visiting these places when I was growing up.

Having a, Mindful Being, is living your life to its truest and fullest. It’s learning the truth about everything one may have thought was real then shedding that thought process away, revealing a more evolved and caring way of thinking and existing. Mindful Being, is taking the mind, body, and soul and making it the three top focal points. This is a term I like to refer to as, building your trifecta. We can take each part and fuel it one by one or all at once. There are several different ways to do this. You can learn more at each of these links on my website under Mind, Body, Soul. From learning how to heal from a disorder or staying physically in motion, these are ways to live with a, Mindful Being.

Mindful Being – Not Only About Power Positive Thinking

What can happen with new waves of change and good intended trends, is that it can be taken to an extreme end of the spectrum and left there without continuing education about it. What results are misunderstandings and losing sight of its authentic meanings. We become (and understandably) numb to something extraordinary. We find ourselves rolling our eyes and throwing our hands in the air when these good trends keep cropping up on social media or we hear it from friends.

The truth about, Mindful Being, is that it’s more than positive words or a positive poster. Mindful Being, is doing our best to make it a part of our everyday lives. It’s immersing ourselves in it but not becoming prisoner to it. We can accidentally become prisoner to this way of life by looking down at anyone who isn’t practicing it just like us, or riddling ourselves with guilt when we aren’t constantly practicing it in our homes. We aren’t looking to reach some type of perfection. We’re looking to just be better and do better one inch at a time.

Actual Embrace

How do we get past the part where we’re only repeating positive words and actually starting to embrace it? We can get past that in parts and living it as much as possible. Here is a helpful way to start:

  1. Get a piece of paper or electronic note on a device. Write down the first thing that comes to mind when you think of, Mindful Being. Maybe it’s taking care of your health or forgiving someone.
  2. Now jot down everything about that topic. Ways you can take care of your health better, etc… Write out the details in order of why you need to improve to how you believe you can improve. Be utterly honest because no one will see this but you.
  3. Take your list and keep it with you always. Every morning and throughout the day commit to opening it up. Go down the checklist. Keep it at the forefront of your mind. Each time your mind slips away you might not catch it, but tell yourself that when it does, to try to come back to that center thought. Eventually you’ll just automatically pop right back to that state of mind. Think, be the example you hope to see in the world. In other words, live the life you wish to see in others.
  4. Don’t berate yourself if you don’t follow your outline, errorless. The truth is a positive outlook is not something that’s to be already developed and flawless. It can’t be achieved overnight but does require action. It’s about being mindful and making the effort towards what we’re working on. It’s also about releasing any guilt that comes along with it.

When you feel ready, move on to the next, Mindful Being, goal. Eventually you’ll have racked up an impressive, Mindful Being. We build our trifecta™ through effort, pitfalls, and guiltlessness. We build our trifecta by living conciously and through forward movement.