Partner Workouts – Bring Your Partner or Friend

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At, The Lotus Life, I believe in doing almost anything with a sense of humor and have terrible laughs. The type of laughs that make you fall over, die, and come back to life. I also love to follow the idea that where there’s two or more people, there’s strength. Especially when working out. Recently I did a fresh partner workout with my boyfriend. Without fail, it was side splitting and ended up being inspiring for me. Here are one of our partner workouts, together.


Partner Workouts

What is the first thought that comes to mind when you think of working out and you also feel tired? You might think that you feel too drained to give it a try today. Maybe you think, that you can’t push yourself anymore after your intense day. Or maybe you wonder, “What can I do differently with my workout to mix it up?” Partner workouts are the perfect remedy to all of these thoughts.

A number of articles ranging from, American College of Sports Medicine , to, Men’s Health, show that coming together in a group of two or more increases your endurance and maintains your interest in the activity. I’m a complete advocate for giving yourself alone time and doing so consistently. Balancing alone time with a partner workout though, can help cure any blues, help you commit to your routine and show up, as well as try something new!

What Happens When a Former Recon Marine Takes Barre

My significant other is a former, Recon Marine. So when I come home from my, Pure Barre, workout his face turns blank and becomes puzzled when he asks how my class was and all I can get out is, that it was tough, as I slowly crawl across the house into a hot shower. You likely know this feeling from any workout you’ve done. For me, the Pure Barre workout is a healing routine, both mentally and emotionally. Yes, the results you will see are undeniably amazing, but the Barre community has brought me happiness, as a new resident to the city that we moved to. I wanted to share that experience with him and have him try his hand at a brand new routine.

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We walked in to the, Pure Barre Wheaton studio, and were greeted with huge warm smiles by the Barretender, Liz, and the class instructor and studio manager, Danielle. Eric, filled out a short waiver form and we went back and gave him a tour. Clients were quickly filling up the studio space and ready to LTB it (Lift, Tone, and Burn). They were all very welcoming to a new face and chatted, Eric, up. Danielle, had a fiery sequence cooked up. She went over a mini orientation with him to which, Eric, then accidentally referred to the, “Tuck” (a classic Barre movement), as a, “Dip Tuck”. This would make sense anyway, because once you get to tucking while holding a pulse, trust me you will want to dip away into a corner.

I struggled not to fall apart laughing as his hips shimmied from side to side in our thighs set. The look of dread and terror that was plastered on his face like glue, spoke volumes. He held on to the barre for dear life. I could hear and feel him blowing out major exhales that blew my ponytail forward. At one point during abs, I looked over and asked him how he was doing and he fervently shook his head and said, “I got it, I got it, I got it”.

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Partner Workout Ends With a Bang

The instructor was there to help him along the way. Through all the laughter and fun I was more inspired by him. I also fell deeper in awe with the class community around me. I was inspired by his support for me and his grave interest in doing something totally outside of the box for himself. He followed the instructions perfectly. He plowed through it. Watch my second video below on his thoughts post class. He answers the question how it holds up against Recon training! It’s hilarious. Give your partner workouts a try and if you already partner up then try something way outside of the box! This is how we build healed bodies and a strong trifecta. For more video footage of, Eric, at the, Barre, please visit my YouTube channel!

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* A big thank you to, Pure Barre Wheaton, for allowing me take photos and sharing their studio space on my blog. Thanks to them for taking part in the fun! If you live in the Wheaton area, please register for a class or membership! You can find contact information, the best introductory offers, and pricing at the above link or the owner of Pure Barre Wheaton, Natalie Salb, is always available to answer any questions at!