Returning to My Wellness Roots

by | Trifecta: Mind~Body~Soul, Trifecta ~ Soul

Monica Cavazos WellnessOver two years ago, I set off on a journey that changed my life forever. I took hold of the reins and took back the life and person I had shunned for 90% of my life span. I was living in a way that was not totally true to myself. The odyssey began with the launch of my website, which was to be a chronicle of my personal experiences. My hope was that the site could help others in my same position who were looking for someone to relate to. It would also bring wellness into the lives of those seeking it.

Listening to the Fire

Along the way in creating the site, my significant other and I were presented with new opportunities and we moved from our beloved home to pursue our dreams. The opportunity to move to the Chicago area happened right at the time of my wellness launch.

I had not lived away from Texas or from my family before. There had always been a fire in the pit of my stomach that wanted to experience something different from everything I knew. I never had the fearlessness to do it. I had never felt more certain and the fear that once crippled me was gone. Something called through the fire in my stomach once again, and I was ready to take the chance. For the first time in all my years, I stepped into my faith and took a risk. Not everyone understands the need some get to leave for something that calls to them. But we all have understood the feeling of being pulled towards something that’s out of the ordinary. And at one point or another we have all followed through with that feeling.

Reconnecting to My Roots

Since moving to the Chicago area I haven’t truly had the opportunity to throw myself into writing, blogging, and all that I first envisioned when I created the site. I had a knee injury, which eventually led me to pursue the 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher training. After graduating I immediately began working on building my practice. I then launched my first major wellness event, Soul Lift Expo, with my significant other.

Two years have passed since I started my site and I am not the same person I was at that time. Every shift we make every few years changes us, either a little bit or a lot. We then present ourselves in a new way to the people around us. So, today I am relaunching my website: Monica Cavazos – The Lotus Life. This is an opportunity to reconnect with my roots and the purpose for launching the site in 2015.

The Wellness Trifecta

Everything I have experienced and learned in the last two years has put my focus on a concept or approach I call the trifecta that is your mind, body, and soul (heart). To attain maximum balance throughout the body and in life, we should try to have these top three in balance or alignment. How do we do this? We keep the mind, body, and soul in motion. We fill our minds with the highest energy and information possible. For the body, we surround the body and infuse it with the highest energy and activity possible. As for the soul (heart), we keep it fueled and powered with the highest energy possible.

In addition to building the trifecta, we need to become our own leaders and build or find our voice. This means being able to guide ourselves and become our own leaders in our lives and the communities around us. Lastly, we need to build and sustain a strong “core muscle” that exists in the center of our being and existence. It’s something that can’t be seen with the physical eye but exists energetically. This core muscle is what, in turn, gives us the voice that represents who we really are.

Wellness for Foodies!

What else will you be able to find on the new site? Recipes! I’m a true foodie and I love to put foods together in the kitchen that make us feel good. One of ways I keep my depression at its lowest point is by using my hands. So being in the kitchen actually heals me. Using my hands to make foods is similar to an art form for me. What excites me most is sharing those ideas with my audience. So you’ll find a few healthy recipes and a few recipes for comfort foods. Always reward yourself and enjoy yourself. Our world within us and around us is wrought with guilt especially when it comes to food, but it doesn’t have to be. Use my recipes to create a foodcation every now and then and lose the guilt that might come with it.


To celebrate the two-year anniversary of my first launch and commemorate the relaunch, I will have a giveaway for everyone on my Facebook page. I want to thank those that have been on the adventure with me. I have paired up with, Lushishly, a Chicago-based business that makes all-natural body care using pure and toxin-free ingredients. Visit my Facebook page for instructions on how to enter. I’ll post the winner soon!

I also have some amazing surprises in store so it’ll be much more than blogging that you’ll find. I invite you to join me weekly for a new story and recipe. Follow me on my social media accounts for updates and spurts of inspiration or laughs through the week. Stay tuned in for future launches that will shape your trifecta.