The Secret is There Are No Secrets – Manifestation

by | Trifecta ~ Soul

I didn’t resist it much though because my workload was increasing and my attention was in fact being diverted away. There was little time to devote to a consistent practice with it all. Then one day it all came together and made sense, particularly when I received confirmation from a podcast. When attaining our goals or anything in life, the secret is there is no secret.

Manifestation/Spiritual Tools

Spiritual tools are “tools” used for multiple positive purposes. They’re nothing that have to do wth religion, as the word spiritual can get confused with the word religion. These tools are crystals, affirmations, sage for cleansing the space around you, incense for placing emphasis on your affirmations, affirmation cards, etc… These are encouraging methods for any person that’s seeking to improve. It keeps their mental, emotional, and physical spaces within and around them, vibrating high. They can aid in staying focused, keeping grounded, increasing opportunity, and shielding one from outside energy that can distract or be harmful. It’s also known as manifestation.

Many of these items can be found at body, mind, and soul boutiques. They glisten and glow and I personally love them still to adorn the rooms throughout my home. I have come to a point in my life though, where they’re no longer needed as THE center of working towards my goals or living my most mindful life, or having a mindful being.

The Secret is There Are No Secrets

One can never have enough of positive reinforcement. That being said, I have found the top most promising reinforcement is faith through prayer and good old fashioned hard work and grind. Whether you’re returning to school to get a degree, hoping to become a new parent, passionate about beginning a business, having a more physically active lifestyle, working towards a promotion, you can rely on your faith and serious effort and work, to get through.

I found myself endlessly basking crystals in the moonlight, smudging, and writing affirmations until the bones in my hands hurt. Above all these things, I also prayed to the depths and I toiled away at my work. I never felt more comforted and rewarded then when I slowed ardulously following all the alternatives and just gave my attention to these two.

As mentioned above, it wasn’t a conscious decision I made. I was teaching yoga classes and hosting my first major wellness expo. All I had time for as I was waking up and rushing out the door for meetings and rushing home to work, were my words. I put those words into prayer everywhere I went and at any time. If I couldn’t say them aloud, I would speak them in my head. I found I felt truly comforted and received bigger and actual results, with my work. The more work that flowed into my life the more opportunities came, which kept me working even harder.

Find Your Own Flow and Technique

I encourage you to find what flow is best for you. I’m sharing with you what relentlessly has and still is proven to be the most effective for me. I relied on these tools to the ends and couldn’t feel more free and absolute in the primary two strategies I have chosen.

I will forever keep my books and items. They hold a special place in my life. They’re a large part of my journey thus far. It’s an intricate part of my story. I still sprinkle sage for an added layer of peace and help around me and in my home. I regularly visit boutiques because there truly is a warm welcoming energy. I’ll continue to always do this every now and again.

Do not denounce anything positive unless that’s your choice. But if you’re hitting walls with your questions, your work, etc… Give these a sample try. It won’t be easy but we must not give up or stop. We have to work hard and remain faithful. Build your trifecta of mind, body, soul by exploring all options outside of what you know. If you’ve experienced the same realization please share with me in the comments below.