Night wedding ceremony with a lot of vintage lamps and candles on big tree

Last night as I took my last yoga class of 2016 and pressed my forehead into my mat during Childs pose, I thought back on the year. 2016 was devastating for many, without a doubt. There is no doubt in my mind about that. 2016, was another life changing year for me. I leapt into decisions that scared me to smithereens to make, and that I found myself on the floor, over, but were the greatest decisions I made. Nothing went as planned and it turned out better. I still have a lot to overcome too. But something was bothering me. I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t feeling the angst that came with my struggles and thousands of embarrassing falls throughout the year. Instead I was happy but couldn’t understand why. Then it hit me. My hardships were no different than 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, and all the years before those. Somehow, somewhere (while I was snoring probably) I made a bit of progress. I let go of set outcomes I wanted and I grew stronger while the winds of chaos swirled around me. When we wake up on January 1, some of us may not feel any different than we did on December 31 and that’s more than ok. Maybe when the years begin to melt into each other without us feeling it, is when the progress is happening. Sometimes there are no loud bangs with fireworks and bright flashing lights. The shift can just be quiet and creep up on us in the sweetest way. In the coming year I believe we will let go and let our captain guide us. I believe we will become more unified as the human race. I believe we will still have heartbreak and breakdowns but we will be able to pull ourselves out of it quicker than before.