My Story

A Story of Adversity and Grace

This is my story… A story that you may recognize in your own life. A story that I hope you’ll be able to relate to in a way that will help you on your own path.

Growing up, I was devoted to fitness and the arts. Although health and nutrition weren’t understood nearly as well as they are now, we were raised with great nutritional values. Despite that upbringing, I struggled with weight and body image from a young age. As many teenagers do, I fell into the notion that I was not the epitome of society’s expectations. I had varying degrees of eating disorders and an unhealthy attitude toward food for many years. Eventually, I channeled those behaviors into the outlet of anorexia nervosa. For over a year, I kept my weight at a minimum of 83-85 pounds.

Building my trifecta

As much as I fell away from my ideals throughout life, what remained constant was finding my way back to nutrition and fitness. Following a life challenge, I found myself starting from the ground up with very little to nothing financially and professionally. I reconnected with my spirituality on a deeper level and found the courage to eat well again. Even more hardships ensued. Trying to cope with those new events, I became curious about finding something that could challenge me and give me renewed strength through my mind, my body, my soul. I embarked on a new horizon. I met a person that encouraged me to love myself for all I came into this world for. He, my family, and my friends have supported me on this newfound journey and career path.

Together, my significant other and I moved from our home state of Texas to Chicago. I completed my Yoga Alliance RYT training and began teaching yoga. In addition, we partnered to found the inspirational Soul Lift Expo. The first expo was held in Chicagoland at the beautiful JW Marriott. I’m always working on something new to help people of all ages find the right path for them.

Throughout my website, I’ll share my personal experiences and experiences we all go through. I’m hopeful you will find ways to connect with others in stories that you can relate to.

Through adversity I came out with grace, just as many of you are likely doing right now. I am still learning.

Build your trifecta. Mind, Body, Soul.