The Era of the Information Spiritual Highway

by | Trifecta ~ Soul

The Era of the Information Spiritual Highway
Paige Bradley’s “Expansion”

Humanity is on a specialized path that is specific and unique to each of our souls. We are here on Earth to evolve our souls. We do so through many methods. That includes learning why we are truly here as human beings. Also, how we can be of service to our fellow man. Some of us are unaware of this notion, some find ourselves slowly waking up to it. Others are fully aware. This is quite a process to experience — a process that is neither short nor easy.

So as we each go through this process we’re going to make mistakes and wondrous strides. Hence, why its important we offer judgement free and clear suggestions, if we assist each other. Suggestions should allow a person to walk upon their path free of angst and guilt. Life can be hard as it is. This is the new era of the information spiritual highway.

Navigating Spiritual Road

I recently wrote a short piece on one of my social media channels. The further we delve into the abyss of awakening the more we might want to share our experiences. We also come across others experiences too. It’s a considerable amount of information that we are both now giving out and taking in. It is safe to say that “the masses” is the audience that is a part of this new wave. It reminds me that when being a part of masses we can get lost making our way to the front.

What can we do when the information metamorphoses into “information overload”? I recently read an approach from someone online and I sprinkled a little bit more into it. “When in doubt extend your goodness, focus, and love to family, loved ones, animals, humanity, Earth, communication, and connection.” For me, this is an incredibly perfect perspective to keep when, and if we feel overloaded. Until we can manage to come out on the other side we can keep it as simple as possible.

Taking a Deeper Look at Beliefs

When taking the journey inward or outward there are definite dangers that exist. We should be well aware of them. We should constantly stay safe with what we are reading, the people we’re allowing into our lives. Also, who we’re trusting, etc… Family and friends have asked me about the safety of certain practices. Although I am definitely still learning, I do not have all the answers. I’m going to do my best to share my insight, here. I compiled just a couple of topics due to a blog needing to be short. This is what I have discovered along the way.

The Art of Yoga

Claim: “Yoga is a practice that doesn’t serve, God, and is detrimental to spiritually get involved with. “

It is documented that yoga began within the Indian culture around 3000 BC. To further establish these claims, stone carvings of people in yoga postures have been found. These findings have been in the, Indus Valley. Studies show that the practice of yoga brings harmony between the heart and soul on the path to divine enlightenment. Many groups believe its origins have been taken and vastly revamped by Western Civilization, or tainted in some opinions. Certain radical groups claim that yoga has been manufactured. They also engage in the ideas that yoga does not have any substantial truth or deep rooted sources.

Despite these difference of views we have come to learn that yoga is incredibly rooted in culture. Culture that spans entire regions and centuries. We cannot take away from these groups of individuals or their belief system. For example, each pose might represent a deity to them. But for these cultures that’s true and honorable. What that is to them is as real as what each of us practice in our own daily lives. However way yoga has come to reach our country, we should respect it as what represents millions within a civilization. Even if we cannot find the value in it for our life.

Yoga spans the globe far and wide as a healant for mental, emotional, and physical ailments and diseases. Ranging from depression, asthma, alcoholism, eating disorders, and AIDS. Yoga is prescribed by renowned licensed, seasoned doctors, and therapists alike. Patients have found it to be considerably active in the healing and maintaining of their medical diagnosis.

I have personally come to view and use yoga at its most simplest level. Connecting myself to my breath while my body is in motion. That’s just some of the benefits patients see as well. It brings a sense of awareness to what we are doing and breathes life back into the entire body. We tend to walk around in a state of non-awareness. Through yoga we can become more present. We also tend to walk around tense and by learning to breathe we bring the oxygen back into our blood, cartilage, tendons, and organs.

What we end up doing is teaching ourselves how to breathe while we’re in motion in the world. This provides us with the ability to have calmer reactions and peaceful stability. If there is anything we can take away from what we have learned from other societies around the world it is to create an act of peace for ourselves. Combined with prayer we can make our very own personalized temple.


Claim: “Using words or phrases such as “empowered” “powerful” “I am strong” is a vessel to serve only ourselves and gain materialism.”

I do agree with those that believe some of these notions. One being that when used with gross excessiveness where the focus is always on us it can be more bad than good. Or if it harms another it can be destructive. It can be unhealthy to our mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. I’m not in a position to tell someone how to use positive affirmations in their own lives but I can say that there are many in this world that view these words as a means to heal and recover from trauma.

Speaking for myself, I have had a trauma from childhood to adulthood. At some point we have to take back our power. In order to heal and grow from those traumas we have to end the cycle of blaming. Although we cannot control what another has done to tarnish us we can control how long we’ll continue to let it effect us. When I went through my last sexual harassment encounter, that I finally took back control over my life, I found great encouragement in rebuilding myself. I not only found it in the power of prayer but also how I was speaking to myself.

I had an alarming embedded amount of risky and decayed “self-talk”. Similar to a toddler learning to speak I had to relearn conversations with myself. In some ways it was as if I was learning to speak for the first time. In addition to praying I spoke to myself, and continue to do so, with words and phrases to reset my “factory settings”. And as I began to publicly share my healing journey online, in hopes to service others in their recovery, I shared (and share) multiple ways to healthily return to whom we are as special beings. Some of that are how we’re conversing with ourselves.

Staying Light on our Feet

I believe that because we are constantly changing and shifting it’s impossible to say that we will stand by what our beliefs yesterday, today, and tomorrow. We are forever learning and absorbing new information. Our minds expand and deepen with that education. This is why often times people leave our lives or we stop “following” people. Whether it is due to ascending, descending, or remaining neutral, we come out of sync with others because of what we are learning.

What we believe in today may not be what we will believe in a year’s time or 5 years time. Just know, that there’s no need to be excessively stringent on ourselves while we are graduating in this thing called, life. Take the time to inhale and develop each and every particle of data at your pace.


*As always please use discretion and consult a board certified physician before implementing mental or physical routines.