Toughened Skin Not Toughened Hearts

by | Trifecta ~ Soul

A Call to Growth

Our call to growth in life is a call to action. God, Universe, a Higher Power, (whichever is best for you) is calling us into action. We’re needed to step forward and into our power and truth. If we might miss that call then it comes around again until we’re ready for it. When it comes, though, I believe we do seize the opportunity. We seize it because we’re usually in the midst of something that has pushed us just enough to say, “No more”. 

Many of the times what accompanies this call is to become stronger. In several respects  this strength prepares us for what lies ahead. It foretells what is to slink in when we least expect it. Life is constantly up and down. Getting too comfortable or harboring steel-like ways is harmful to growth. It goes against the grain of life’s ups and downs.

Strength is one of the most fascinating tools we can own. Our inner spiritual core is not necessarily visible to the eye but exists within us. A part of that core is the tool of strength. Just as we go to a tool box for an item that can repair and mend something in physical time, we should be able to go to a box for a tool that repairs and mends our inner selves.

Toughened Skin Not Toughened Hearts

Throughout the process of changing and growing we’re faced with tests. These tests can come in incomprehensible levels and forms. They come by way of persons, feelings, and more. It varies from individual to individual. It depends on what we have agreed to experience before being born. For myself, I’ve had a great deal of jolting tests. These jolts have been as tough as nails. Nails shredding and tearing thorough the surface. What these painful nails create for us though, are a smooth interior and exterior. 

It’s during that change when the needle can move in either direction. It’s during this that’s significant. As our skin becomes toughened our hearts can easily too. It can happen in subtle ways or more loud ones. Voice change, mannerisms towards others, ideology, and pre-judging are a few. It is great that we can distinguish what’s changing in our hearts. When it happens and what we do about it is what’s more imperative. The moment we catch ourselves in a hardened state is when we can switch gears. We can pause and ask, “Why do I feel this way and how am I reacting to express my displeasure with it?” In this moment we can reverse and shift our way of thinking. 

The Change That’s Needed

It’s not always about asking for others to be changed. Sometimes seeing ourselves for what we truly are, is all the change that’s needed. We can be tough with a loving heart. Building our soul first, builds pieces of our character. That’s when, God, or a, Higher Power, can do the most work for us. Then things around us change too.