Unveil the “Me Too” Movement

by | Trifecta ~ Soul

Unveiling the “Me Too” Movement

Let’s go below the exterior of this new wave. Allow the scales from our eyes to drop. Totally detach from a political stance. See it from a perspective for what it truly is. “Me Too” was created to give women and men a voice that have been sexually harassed and/or abused. It gives a voice that they may have not had the courage to have at any other time in their life. It’s not a phrase to be used abusively or with painful aggression. It is a phrase that has an empathetic energy and power to it.

There are thousands in this world that do not have the ability to speak up, speak openly, or speak their truth. We have no inkling what might have occurred or is occurring in their lives. Nor do we know what backgrounds they come from. We also are not privy to what they have endured or are enduring. “Me Too” has brought peace to those individuals. With this saying comes protection, promise, forgiveness, hope, strength, defiance. Somewhere in this world there is a child that is suffering, beyond any possible comprehension. They may be aware of, “Me Too” or come to be aware of it. This stands as saving grace for them.

I, Monica

Lets carefully look at the recent heartbreaking case of the recent sexual abuse scandal involving, Larry Nassar. Dr. Larry Nassar, was expected to be the dependable and trusting practitioner of the ladies USA Gymnastics teams. More than a hundred gymnasts bravely came forward in the name of justice for not only themselves and each other, but hundreds around the world. This past week, Nassar, was found guilty and sentenced to 175 years in prison. The immeasurable and irreversible torment he caused these individuals, goes far beyond any words.

I worked for a prominent company in *2015. It was all I had with immense hopes for a better future. One day without warning or lead in I was assaulted in my office. It crushed every ounce of my being and terrified me. With the support I needed, I left the group almost immediately. The enormous question that now loomed over my head and my soul was, “Where will I go with my life from here?”

I remember this moment like it happened yesterday. My now fiancé and took a trip to get away from what had occurred. When we returned I took a workout class that was quite inspiring. Driving home from class an idea plopped into my head. The idea was to create a website that included a blog that chronicled my journeys through the years. With this blog I would also encourage physical fitness as a part of healing one’s self, as it healed me extensively. Having endured anorexia, anxiety, depression, and more, I wanted to help anyone I could with either something similar they were going through. Even potentially prevent them from making the errors I once had. I hoped to give a voice to those that have lost theirs or could never build… As both have once happened to me.

Use “Me Too” as an Inspiring Force

“Me Too” creates life changing personal movements. My, “Me Too” did for me and I’m eternally thankful for it. One gracious opportunity and healing has led to another and another. I have not looked back. The beauty of it is to use it as a driving force in not only helping ourselves but humanity as well. For every being we give a hand to, twenty more hands are being offered to others. Whether we form a small community group to support one another or take a more global stand, the positive impact is what our planet is need of right now.

We are not victims of our circumstance. We are incredible beings of victory. It isn’t a coincidence that this is being expelled to the surface on a universal level. It is time to heal as a whole. Build your soul.


*The year 2015 has been updated to reflect the correct date.