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Power Yoga – Yogis In The Park
(Summer Series)

When going through your breath flow, take in a deep inhale. Fill your lungs up with air. Hold it, then let out a very loud exhale. Release all the toxins. Don’t be afraid to let out a loud exhale. Release all the stale air from inside. This is good breathing to practice even at home.

Monica Cavazos – The Lotus Life Relaunch Giveaway

To celebrate the two-year anniversary of my first site launch and commemorate the relaunch of Monica Cavazos – The Lotus Life, I had a giveaway! A thank you to those that have been on the adventure with me. I paired up with, Lushishly, a Chicago-based business (you can find their business page on Facebook) that makes all-natural body care using pure and toxin-free ingredients. The winner from Houston, Texas was announced today! This was also the perfect chance for those that have never tried organic care. More giveaways to come! Visit to build your trifecta of mind, body, soul™

Partner Workouts – Bring a Partner or Friend

What happens when a former, Recon Marine takes Barre? Coming together in a group of two or more increases your endurance and maintains your interest in the activity. Recently I did a fresh partner workout with my boyfriend. Watch here and commit to your routine by setting up your own partner workout!

Pre-Barre Interview

Barre-ing it Down

Post Barre Interview

Barre-ing it Down

Barre-ing it Down

My Brief Yoga Sequence

The Meaning of Building Your Trifecta Mind, Body, Soul


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