Workouts are Ageless and Faceless

by | Fitness, Trifecta ~ Body

Recently I was teaching a class. Following the class, one of my students, whom was incredibly amazing in the workout, came over to say, “That was the best class but it’s more for someone who is younger. I’m too old.” My heart sank. Workouts are ageless and faceless. I told her that she had done wonderfully and the workout had no age labeled on it. I then realized how many women and men had told me a variation of this statement after taking my classes.

Removing Labels

Somewhere in our lives we accepted being told that after a certain age we can no longer think or do certain things. This misinformation comes via many channels from television to our homes. We possibly had authority figures that grew up with the same perspectives, and the authority figures in their lives did as well. It’s a repetitive and relentless cycle.

The more we are fed these notions the more it becomes embedded into our sub-conscious and conscious. We’re then replaying this constantly to ourselves. We speak these words to ourselves when we go shopping. We speak these words to ourselves when we are working out and so on and so forth. The downside is we’re hypnotized by these ideas. The upside is it’s nothing that can’t be reversed.

Allowing Ourselves to Try Anything

If we allowed ourselves to be stripped of the negative impressions we could try anything we wanted and really know what we’re capable of. Start by giving yourself permission. Let yourself know that anything imposed on you is external and what’s deep inside your heart is what’s true. What is that message you’re getting? Maybe it’s that you really want to feel better and heard about this new workout class and it would be so cool to try it. That very first thought is what’s real. Anything that comes after is not. It’s a veil or the ego trying to take over and keep you complacent.

As soon as you get your first true message, take immediate action. Go online and register for your class. If the class takes drop-ins, get dressed and take the next time that you can. Also, buddy up with a family member or friend. Make sure your buddy is someone you’re close to because you want to feel comfortable. Committing yourself is the most rewarding of all.

Changing the Thought Process With Workouts

There are multiple things that concern us when it comes to working out. Just a few of those things are that we won’t be able to keep up, we won’t be able to perform like everyone else in class, or we’re going to look silly. Going in to the gym or a class, is admirable in and of itself. Working out is supposed to be challenging so everyone is being challenged on some level, not just you. Every person has a movement they grapple with in class or the gym. Lastly, everybody flubs during a workout. No one is pristine. That’s a part of what comes with the sweat. Some of your most popular fitness gurus can attest to all the above for even themselves. If you’re doing it perfectly then there’s no room to be demanded during your workout.

Did you know you can actually pause in class? Yes, you can stop at any time and take a breather. You can even step out of class. There’s no shame in doing so. If it’s a yoga class you can return to, Child’s Pose, or Savasana, for as long or often as you’d like. That’s a pretty great deal.

Building our trifecta of mind, body, soul is by removing the labels, giving ourselves permission, and changing the thought process.